Day Three. A Photo That Makes Me Happy

It was 2010, flying away to join it’s companions, and 2011, unfurling it’s wet wings. We were at home, at grandma and grandpa’s house. There had just been one of those storms that shakes those hills every once in a while. There was a blackout and the TV zoomed off. The rain knocked on the roof as if furious for being deprived of something it needed. And then, away it went. Leaving behind it a beautiful sunset, and that lovely scent of a afternoon after a rain shower. Mommy told me to go take a few pictures outside, and I’m thankful she did. (: I’m not sure if I can put into words, the happiness and contentment I feel when I’m here at this place. It’s home. Home on earth at least. No matter where we move to, go to, visit, I know that my home town, and my grandparents will always be waiting for us with open arms. Pingo will be laying down at the gate, and after I’ve learnt to dance in the rain, there will be a beautiful sunset waiting to unfurl. Slowly, but surely, we can learn to see past the clouds, or at least, like daddy says, “Perhaps we’re not meant to understand, but simply to hold His hand.”

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