Day Five: A Photo That Makes Me Laugh.

Photography is wonderful. We all know that. That it captures candid moments, and captures things that otherwise might have never been kept in our uncooperative memory. But my favorite moments to capture with photos, are these. The hilarious ones, funny ones, and those that make you smile.

This particular day of my 30 Day Challenge, was quite a challenge indeed. I wasn’t sure whether to put one picture (that option was eliminated once I tried to choose only one picture.) Or if I should post a picture from a or one taken of “real people” from my computer photo albums. So I decided to do both.

The top picture is from one of those failblogs that on rare occasion make you smile. I still wonder where Zzyzx Road is. Oh well, it brings a smile to my face to be able to rest in peace because at least roads are being creatively named.

The second picture was taken this January, it was mommy’s birthday and we went to visit great-grandpa in Sorocaba. On our way back we stopped at a gas station to say good-bye to my aunt. She would continue to the city she lives in, and we would take a road going the opposite direction to grandma’s house where we were staying. So we decided to take some pictures of the trio. And this is one result of their patience wearing thin on me after their share of scoot over this way, ok now to the left. No my left your right, etc.

The third picture was taken last week. Victor had persuaded Daddy to go play ball with him outside and we went with them to enjoy the spring air. After their “game” I asked them to jump up on the little hill for me to take a shot at jumping shots. They had fun, although they won’t admit it. And eventually (hopefully) they’ll get used to me and my camera.

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