Day Six: A Photo of Someone I Love

OBVIOUSLY! I will write more about these wonderful people on later posts. (Saving the best for later of course.) But these three individuals are part of me. My life. My friends, support. My family. Needless to say. I love them.Alot. Since I won’t be commenting on them, and the photos themselves don’t have much juicy background, I decided to make today a quote day. I asked each of them to give me a quote, perferably one they’d thought up, but I’d accept one they liked in case they ran out of creative juices all of a sudden. Hope you enjoy the results of their musings: Daddy-“Life without God isn’t life. Death with God isn’t death.” “A vida sem Deus nao e vida. Morte com Deus nao e morte.” Mommy-“Only after he faced the storms of winter, was the weather capable of reaching spring.” “Foi enfrentando os rigores do inverno que o tempo finalmente chegou a primavera.” Victor-Don’t run toward something, if you’re running away from something else. (Yes that’s a movie quote he loved.) Nao corra atras de alguma coisa se tiver correndo de outra. Photo One: Christmas 2009-2010. @ Grandmom’s house, Victor wearing my santa hat. Photo Two: My Birthday 2009. @ Poços de Caldas, MG. Mommy && Daddy @ the hotel lobby.

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