Day Seven: A Photo of Something I Stand For

As I said on facebook, I can go on and on and on for the causes I stand for. No, perhaps I’m not one of the radical PETA women that cry out and can stand on streets naked. (In fact that’s something I’m against also.) But I do have certain views, on quite a range of subjects. Five of which, I have managed to put into this blog’s picture collage. Although there is one missing, and that’s probably because it’s one that would raise way to much comment, and I rather discuss these subjects face to face. So, the causes on the page are (in case you were a bit confused), top left-Smoking, I stand against that not for it. And I can give you plenty of reasons for that. Trust me, I’m backed up on these. Bottom-left, the misuse of the ocean water. First of all people shouldn’t be fishing, and definately not carelessly! I’m not an environmentalist, but I do believe we shouldn’t abuse and mistreat natura. Top-right, I stand for vegetarianism, against meat eating. Because God said so, for your body, and for the animals. Bottom-right, another thing I stand against, Child Abuse. That’s so wrong on so many levels, I don’t think I can write about it without going on for miles. So all of these I stand against; smoking, killing animals for food, careless ocean (and land) usage, and child abuse. But there is one thing I stand for. And that’s life. I CHOOSE LIFE! And that means I choose to give ‘fetuses’ a chance to live, to make a change, to be known. Existent they already are! I speak up for those who cannot. For those being massacred by millions (checked the numbers lately??!). Being killed by utterly cruel, inhuman, methods. Abortion is murder. Proberbs 31:8,9 I’m speaking up. I’m taking a stand. You’d be surprised how many around you are murderers, and that if you took time to speak to friends about how serious their mistakes can be, how many lives you could save. Perhaps, one of those you do save, will find a way to cure millions, and therefore you will have saved them all. And if not, if you saved one helpless child, isn’t that enough? You! can save a life. If we accept that a mother can kill her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill each other?” – Mother Theresa

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