Day Fourteen: A Photo of My Best Friend(s)

These, are those who know me, and still can stand to be around me. Jane, we’ve been through alot together and apart, and now you’ve got someone special to hold you close forever. He better. Because he’s won over a really special person, and I couldn’t be happier for you. I pray for you and wish you all the luck and blessings in the world. I miss you from faraway, and can’t wait to see you again. My familia!! I love you all to death! In this photo, Grandma’s exclaiming over something falling behind the camera, Matt is putting his “ninja” skills to work, Marlo isn’t paying attention and the rest of us are doing the best we can to get into the shot. I set the camera to take a series of pictures, and this photo was the one that didn’t become album cover. But I love it because of it’s naturality (is that a word?). Everyone’s being themselves whether by grinning to much, biting their lips, or gesturing, we’re all natural, and that matters. Xen, Natt && I. This day was a day I will never forget!! EVER! I had way to much fun and can’t thank you enough, it was the best “going-away weekend splurge” in the story of my life! Thank you all so much! Then of course, my parents, I think y’all know by now who they are, they are my true friends. They liiivveee with me, know all my deepest darkest habits and still love me. Forever grateful am I. God, where would I be without Him?! Where would you be without Him? Everything I am, ever will be and ever was I owe to You. You saved my life. Died in my stead, yes, He’s my best friend. YOU! If you are reading my blog, consider yourself one of my very awesomest friends! Thanks for reading (: Hope you enjoy.

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