Day Sixteen: A Photo From My Childhood

At Grandmother && Grandfather‘s chacara in Mogi. I would spend the afternoon running around with my cousins eating blackberries, chasing geese, running away from the neighbour‘s (Bro. && Sis. Tuleu) german shepherd, and playing with Pluto, my Lab/Dane mutt puppy.. That was my childhood in Brazil. 1994-2000

I spent my time playing after school. In my room, playing, teacher! (My dolls are SO smart!) I played dress up and had a absolute FAVORITE doll. Can you findim?

This was my childhood in U.S. of A. 2000-2002

Then my childhood was shared with my favorite present. We had ten acres to play in, and fifteen more from our neighbours in the back (Bauer‘s) or ten acres of vacant lot from our neighbour on the left (Stark), and the abandoned acres to the right (belonged to the rattlesnakes for all I knew.) Crystal and I played on Mr. Stark‘s old skeleton of a house, playing with the marble slates and making them into intricate Barbie ballrooms. (Or IndianCowboy treasure) whichever whim we felt like nurturing.

Here was my childhood in the Lone Star State, 2002-2005

There you have it (: My childhood. It was wonderful, and truthfully, it hasn’t ended yet. (But that’s a secret!)

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