Day Seventeen: A Photo From A Trip I’ll Never Forget

I did the obvious for once! Our (as a family, dad’s been everywhere) one “major faraway” trip is the one I’ve chosen to post! :0 Finally something predictable, huh? lol
I would LOVE to post pictures of Barra do Una or Curitiba or Yosemeti or the Gulf of Mexico or San Fran, or Rome or Venice etc. but they’ll will have to be another post because Pisa stole this one. It was lovely. It was the slowest day in Italy and we LOVED it. I (for one enjoyed that fact that)we had TIME! Which is insubstitutable (beware I use words I’m not sure are in the dictionary).
We spent the morning part of the day at a baptism in Soti and then we headed to Rome, but stopped for a full afternoon in Pisa first. I watched the last goals of Spain against Denmark (last goals of the World Cup in 2010) at a little cafe. I was with some new friends I had made while the fam finished up the Pisa admiration. We were surrounded by screaming Spanish fans painted in red and yellow. I smiled.
Spain won, unfortunately, because I was rooting for Denmark. (It would make Brazil look better at losing for the world cup winner.)
And then we left, back to Rome (saw a Ferrari at the gas station we stopped to refuel) as we were ‘kilometring’ closer and closer to going home. And I can honestly say, I will NEVER forget Italy, because the Italian sun, is by far my favorite sun!

2 thoughts on “Day Seventeen: A Photo From A Trip I’ll Never Forget

  1. Junior April 12, 2011 / 5:17 am

    insubstitutable … not in the dictionary. 😀 >_<


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