ScrapBooking Recipes

In my Family/Consumer Sciences class, I had a end of semester project that had a exam grade. Guess what it was. A recipe book. EASY-Peezy right? I thought so too! I mean, what kind of easy project is that? The teacher herself said it was an easy 10. So I embarked on my recipe hunting, and began my project.
It hasn’t been going so well. I decided to make a recipe scrapbook. Kind of start a family tradition of some sort. Putting my mom’s tried recipes and my new experiments and our creations together in one lovely binder. Not working. Did you know that scrapbooking is actually ridiculously expensive? So far my recipes are in a folder. (Mom’s old choir folder. Quite unpractical.) So yesterday daddy took me out (he had to run some errands) and I went out with a purpose. To find a decent scrapbook to put my recipes in. I had the other option of making a recipe box, but that was not to be considered. Until… I saw the prices. Oh there were some decent scrapbooks all right. But absolutely NO decent prices! And there I stood, in the middle of a department store, with a scrapbook in one hand, cardstocks in the cart, stickers on my mind, and a box in the other hand. Blabbing on and on about the pro’s and the con’s of scrapbooking, the advantages and disadvantages of a recipe box, and how ridiculous Canadian prices are! In short, daddy came home, without finishing his errands (I ran around to too many different stores, and Victor was late for classes already.), and I came home, with nothing but grief over my state of affairs. What am I to do now?! I was contemplating giving my folder a makeover and  seeing how I like that. (That’s what the pictures above are for.) 
Recipe Scrapbooking, easy right? Not.! P.S. I’m open to your creative ideas && suggestions!

2 thoughts on “ScrapBooking Recipes

  1. Social Lilac April 13, 2011 / 4:16 pm

    Oh of course! I was totally planning on doing that. (e.g. The pictures show you I gathered stuff from around.) But you still need somewhere to put those things in, the scrapbook (the cheap no so good ones are $16.00) and the cardstock (depends on how many you buy but around really expensive.) and you have to buy sleeves beacause the scraobook only comes with about fifteen. And that was at walmart, nevermind going to a crafts store. I'm going to have to do some hunting.


  2. crissy_94 April 12, 2011 / 11:39 pm

    instead of trying to pay an arm and a leg for suplys try to find stuff around the house you can use old magasine christmas cards you dont want old birthday present rapping paper you can find alot of stuff if you just look take it from a pro ;P


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