According to my Mother:

According to my mother, the cure for most every eye irritation is fresh apple juice.

You would need an apple, preferably not cold, but any apple will do.
And a teaspoon, cotton balls, and towl.

Wash hands thoroughly.
Cut the apple in half, and with the teaspoon scrape one apple half. With the cotton ball soak up the apple juice.
Lie down (or have the person lie down) and look up towards the ceiling. The towl should be placed behind the neck just in case apple juice trickles down. Squeeze juice into irritated eye, about 1-3 drops. Close eyes and rest with soaked cotton ball on closed eye for at least 5 minutes.
After 5 minutes remove cotton ball. Do not rinse! You may clear away apple or juice with the towl, but not rinse eyes.
After half an hour rinse face.

(These are household remedies only and should not be taken in place of doctor’s orders.)

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