Day Twenty-Four: A Photo of Something I Want to be When I Grow Up

Why a Photo of Me? ‘Cuz that’s exactly what I want to be. This blog is about my family. Not just about me. So I highly dislike these “days” of this project, so I’ll combine what I want to be, with what Victor wants to be. Bare with me y’all we’re one week away from finishing this “challenge”. So, what do I want to be? Well, in career, I have a wide variety to chose from, but for now I’m settling on Communications Studies. And even there there is a wide variety of branches to chose from! Perhaps that’s why I chose it. Because I tend to be quite undecisive. But here’s one thing I quite decided on being, and that’s:
When I grow up, I want to be me. The girl with the 32 letters in her whole name. Maybe the ‘grown-up’ version of me, but me all the same. Don’t want to act like society wants or expects me to. I will act like me. If I’m in good relationship with my Saviour, what does the rest of the world matter? I’ll still be clumsy, and say things I shouldnt have said, and probably will regret later. I’ll be a neat-freak and picky. Sure, there’s room for improvement, and lots of it, but I’ll be a better Larissa. I’ll live up to my name and be happy. Yet, I’ll still be me. I hope you’re always you too!

Now Victor, Victor has much higher aspirations. According to him, he’s to be a Chemist. Oh! But he’s not going to be one of the nerdy ones. He won’t wear glasses and his hair is going to be combed. He’ll be smart, and he’ll never have to do a writing assignment ever again!! He’s been decided to be a chemist for quite some time! I just make sure I never use mom’s old wooden spoon again, and stay far away from his “lab corner”.
I didn’t inhale as I took the first picture of the orange powdery stuff with wierd globs of.. stuff inside. (Just in case thou wast fearing for my safety.)

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