Peek-A-Brew: Props for Creativity

A few weeks ago I made myself a stumbler. (Pretty awesome actually. Netty posted something on facebook and when I checked it out, it sent me to ) The internet offers so much “cool stuff”, but I had always wished there was a index, or catalogue for it! (One of my pet peeves is when a book doesn’t have a index, Argh!). And, stumbleupon is one of my internet indexes of sort. Anyways, after that huuuge introduction, to the picture we go. One of the links I “stumbled upon” was 50 Strange Buildings of the World.

Some of the buildings are really awesome! and others, kind of look fake. But that stayed with me on our trip to Washington this weekend. (Lovely weekend to cross the border! What normally would take us 10 minutes to get to, took us over 3 hours! Easter weekend, why?!)

Enough with the bemoanings, on our little excursions on Sunday and Monday, we passed this quaint little coffee.. . err, pot. (: (I’m assuming they sell cofee.) On our way back home today, I asked Daddy to stop so I could take a picture. And here they are:

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