According to Statistics

According to statistics, and fancy studies in fancy Universities…Women, speak more than men. (I know, anyone could’ve told them that.) In fact, we speak an average of twice the amount men speak.
Men (according to statistics and fancy studies) speak an average of 1,500 words per day. Women (according to statistics and fancy studies) speak an average of 3,000 words per day.
If you know me, you know I speak a tad bit more than that hence their calculations being “on average”.

In one convention, a man was speaking on this topic when a woman in the audience stood up and said,

“Of course women speak twice as men; we have to repeat everything in order for men to understand!”

“What? do you mean?” asked the orator.


Porque a mulher fala muito?

Uma pesquisa realizada nos Estados Unidos mostrou que os homens
usam em media 1.500 palavras por dia, enquanto as mulheres usam,
no mínimo, 3.000 (O DOBRO).

Num congresso, quando o estudo foi apresentado, uma mulher
se levantou e disse:
– Lógico que as mulheres falam o dobro que os homens: nós temos
que repetir tudo o que dizemos para que os homens entendam!

E o orador perguntou:

– Como assim?

Thanks to Herman Parish

I was eight. And I was laughing. No, more like disintegrating into giggles in the back seat of our green Honda Civic. Mom turned with an amused smile on her face.
I’d re-read to them the passage that had made me erupt into laughter. Mom and dad would smile to each other or occasionally chuckle.
Really, it’s wasn’t that funny. For adults anyway. Most grown ups would call it silliness.
But I call it delightful!
The Amelia Bedelia series. Herman Parish wrote these series and as I was browsing the children’s section for a story for my monologue this month, (I highly recommend checking out children books from the library, some of them are quite an amazing piece of art!!) I stumbled upon the series again. I checked out 3. They’re thin, easy and nonsense.
Although they don’t make me erupt into disintegrating giggles anymore. They do bring occasional smiles and chuckles. And floods of memories. Good ones.
Thank you Mr. Herman Parish, for enriching my childhood with silly hilariousness that every child needs in order to have a full and memorable childhood.


Victor’s Birthday is this Monday.
I’m out of ideas of what to try to bake or make for his birthday.
The cupcakes I made he didn’t eat, and the ones he did eat were with the icing scraped off. Trust me, when I posted on Facebook”Trying to plan a picnic for Victor’s Birthday. .. This is difficult. A picnic already limits your food choices.. and for a picky Boy like my brother?!” I wasn’t kidding about the picky part.
We’re planning on a picnic for Monday. . but that is of course if the sun decides to allow us. So far the weather network says it’s a no-go. Rain all next week. (WHY!!!) (Remind me to do a thankful post on why rain is beneficial and that we should be grateful for it.)
Anyways, I was looking up picnic ideas on foodgawker when a tea cake emerged, and that became coffee cake, and soon I was looking up crumb cake recipes.
So, I tried Tracy’s New York-Style Crumb Cake (with only slight modifications of course.) It felt wonderful to bake it. Smelled delicious! And looks just about right. Now the important part. Does it past the taste test?
Well, the crumb topping does. As the recipe says there will be alot of topping. And after pouring on a thick layer, I left the rest out. (I was scared, my current experiences with baking should sufice as an answer to why.) However, I backed the topping in a seprate dish and as soon as that was done and cooling, Victor’s fingers where somehow on them. He took the tray into the living room with him, and licked off half the dish.
I just hope the rest of the cakes vanishes that quick! (:


It’s FINALLY Spring here in our part of B.C.!
The sun is splashing a few days with its rays every once in a while. Adding it’s yellow touch to our otherwise dull and grey calandars. It’s been beautiful!
With the sun come the flowers. . .and! animals! One more than one occasion we’ve spotted deer, rabbits, squirrels and this week I awoke with the wonderful song of song birds. (And then I went right back to sleep because it was still five in the morning.)
In “our” backyard in Toronto, there was a little bunny that would hop out into the clearing ever so often. Mother named him Bob. Victor and I refuse. ‘C’mon Mom… . a Rabbit named Bob?’ We dubbed him Thumper. (Yes after the Bambi bunny.)
 This week mommy called Victor and I to the window. A rabbit sat there his cute little nose twitching.
“Awwww!!! It’s Thumper-Bob!” Victor and I crooned.
“Bob-Thumper” Mommy corrected.
I took out the camera and managed a few shots before Thumper-Bob or Bob-Thumper (poor little guy) sprang away.

This little black baby came up to the porch to sunbathe. He stayed there for quite a while. He’s so little!! When he walked away he was having some trouble with his paws. In somewhat of a hop-slip-run-scramble hop-slip-run-scramble pattern. We’re hoping it’s because he’s so young, and is still to grasp the art of hopping around gracefully.

Isn’t he so cute?!!

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