Tulip Week

It was one of the few, rare sunny days in Abbotsford. One of the days that in the [paraphrased] words of a local, “Abbotsford makes you hate her for 30 days a month with pounding rain and frowning skies, but then on the 31st the sun shows himself and it makes the whole month worth it.” One of the rare days that speckles the calendar with a glorious yellow.
So, this week, before Daddy left for the Philippines, we went out to take a few pictures among the tulips Mommy had fallen in love with.
Downtown Abby, Clearbrook Library and The Gallery, the tulips were in full bloom almost fading already; the petals so open they were hanging on by mere petiols.
Mommy has loved tulips since forever. In all the houses we have lived in, they were made home as soon as one of Mommy’s tulip decorations was up. Easter week is usually tulip festival week and mother couldn’t be happier! (The rest of us, however.. .tend to dread this time, it’s when Mommy insists on tulip pictures.)
The following are photos of such incidents:

Ottawa Tulip Festival 2009:

                                                                  && Abby 2011 ~*

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