Victor’s Birthday is this Monday.
I’m out of ideas of what to try to bake or make for his birthday.
The cupcakes I made he didn’t eat, and the ones he did eat were with the icing scraped off. Trust me, when I posted on Facebook”Trying to plan a picnic for Victor’s Birthday. .. This is difficult. A picnic already limits your food choices.. and for a picky Boy like my brother?!” I wasn’t kidding about the picky part.
We’re planning on a picnic for Monday. . but that is of course if the sun decides to allow us. So far the weather network says it’s a no-go. Rain all next week. (WHY!!!) (Remind me to do a thankful post on why rain is beneficial and that we should be grateful for it.)
Anyways, I was looking up picnic ideas on foodgawker when a tea cake emerged, and that became coffee cake, and soon I was looking up crumb cake recipes.
So, I tried Tracy’s New York-Style Crumb Cake (with only slight modifications of course.) It felt wonderful to bake it. Smelled delicious! And looks just about right. Now the important part. Does it past the taste test?
Well, the crumb topping does. As the recipe says there will be alot of topping. And after pouring on a thick layer, I left the rest out. (I was scared, my current experiences with baking should sufice as an answer to why.) However, I backed the topping in a seprate dish and as soon as that was done and cooling, Victor’s fingers where somehow on them. He took the tray into the living room with him, and licked off half the dish.
I just hope the rest of the cakes vanishes that quick! (:

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