It’s FINALLY Spring here in our part of B.C.!
The sun is splashing a few days with its rays every once in a while. Adding it’s yellow touch to our otherwise dull and grey calandars. It’s been beautiful!
With the sun come the flowers. . .and! animals! One more than one occasion we’ve spotted deer, rabbits, squirrels and this week I awoke with the wonderful song of song birds. (And then I went right back to sleep because it was still five in the morning.)
In “our” backyard in Toronto, there was a little bunny that would hop out into the clearing ever so often. Mother named him Bob. Victor and I refuse. ‘C’mon Mom… . a Rabbit named Bob?’ We dubbed him Thumper. (Yes after the Bambi bunny.)
 This week mommy called Victor and I to the window. A rabbit sat there his cute little nose twitching.
“Awwww!!! It’s Thumper-Bob!” Victor and I crooned.
“Bob-Thumper” Mommy corrected.
I took out the camera and managed a few shots before Thumper-Bob or Bob-Thumper (poor little guy) sprang away.

This little black baby came up to the porch to sunbathe. He stayed there for quite a while. He’s so little!! When he walked away he was having some trouble with his paws. In somewhat of a hop-slip-run-scramble hop-slip-run-scramble pattern. We’re hoping it’s because he’s so young, and is still to grasp the art of hopping around gracefully.

Isn’t he so cute?!!

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