Thanks to Herman Parish

I was eight. And I was laughing. No, more like disintegrating into giggles in the back seat of our green Honda Civic. Mom turned with an amused smile on her face.
I’d re-read to them the passage that had made me erupt into laughter. Mom and dad would smile to each other or occasionally chuckle.
Really, it’s wasn’t that funny. For adults anyway. Most grown ups would call it silliness.
But I call it delightful!
The Amelia Bedelia series. Herman Parish wrote these series and as I was browsing the children’s section for a story for my monologue this month, (I highly recommend checking out children books from the library, some of them are quite an amazing piece of art!!) I stumbled upon the series again. I checked out 3. They’re thin, easy and nonsense.
Although they don’t make me erupt into disintegrating giggles anymore. They do bring occasional smiles and chuckles. And floods of memories. Good ones.
Thank you Mr. Herman Parish, for enriching my childhood with silly hilariousness that every child needs in order to have a full and memorable childhood.

One thought on “Thanks to Herman Parish

  1. ALD1296 May 25, 2011 / 4:17 am

    OH MY GOSH! I read that ENTIRE series I think. I got every single one of the Amelia Bedelia books I could get my hands on, they were my FAVORITES!! 😀



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