According to Statistics

According to statistics, and fancy studies in fancy Universities…Women, speak more than men. (I know, anyone could’ve told them that.) In fact, we speak an average of twice the amount men speak.
Men (according to statistics and fancy studies) speak an average of 1,500 words per day. Women (according to statistics and fancy studies) speak an average of 3,000 words per day.
If you know me, you know I speak a tad bit more than that hence their calculations being “on average”.

In one convention, a man was speaking on this topic when a woman in the audience stood up and said,

“Of course women speak twice as men; we have to repeat everything in order for men to understand!”

“What? do you mean?” asked the orator.


Porque a mulher fala muito?

Uma pesquisa realizada nos Estados Unidos mostrou que os homens
usam em media 1.500 palavras por dia, enquanto as mulheres usam,
no mínimo, 3.000 (O DOBRO).

Num congresso, quando o estudo foi apresentado, uma mulher
se levantou e disse:
– Lógico que as mulheres falam o dobro que os homens: nós temos
que repetir tudo o que dizemos para que os homens entendam!

E o orador perguntou:

– Como assim?

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