Our little basement is finally taking shape. The couch, the piano, and the shelf in the living room. The table and chairs in the kitchen. The wooden spoons and wooden fish on the walls in the kitchen all add nicely to make our little place feel like home.
Yesterday mommy and daddy came home with a cupboard they couldn’t resist buying.
Mother is panicking a little bit because our moving boxes are (or should be) (Fiiinaallly) arriving in one or two weeks, but she has no place to store her beloved pans and dishes!
So this cupboard was the perfect solution. Petite looking, but should fit most of her pans quite nicely!
(It extends down a bit more than I could get in the picture.)
It looks a little bear, but it will do until our things get here. (:
I find it rather cute!

P.S. Don’t mind my flying hair.

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