Project Interviews.

Ok, so this blog’s been pretty dormant. And I dislike that very much. Therefore I’m combining a Speech assignment to a blog project. In Speech class one of my assignments is to interview people. Therefore, I shall be interviewing local people here in Abbotsford, and if they give me their permission, I will post it here on Live From Abby for y’all to enjoy!
My plan is to do one interview/post for each letter of the alphabet. Because sometimes life throws us unplanned opportunities and curve balls, I won’t be doing my interviews in alphabetical order.
I hope you all enjoy, and if anyone has any advice on interviews, the objective of this assignment is to learn (;
P.S. When I am asking the question, it will be posted as LFA (Live From Abby.)
LFA- What is your favorite Blog ever?
Interviewee-  Live From Abby of course!

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