Your friend Tarsier

Hello y’all!
Dad came back from his trip to the Philippines recently thus I shall be posting a trip on his Phillippine adventure.

I always bother my father to bring home pictures and souvenirs for me. I know traveling isn’t really his “thing”. Some people would take any opportunity to travel, and any excuse to fly, my father is quite content with not traveling. On his birthday, he likes a home-cooked meal, and a stay-at-home-quiet-day just fine. No eating out, no trips or outings or eccentric activities. Just a relaxing day at home.
When he does travel, my father is a minimalist. He goes where he’s supposed to go. Does his job. Enjoys it. And then is quite happy to come straight back home. No souvenir shopping, no need to photograph. Quite simple really.
So, every time he does travel for his job, I remind him to bring home photos, and at least a souvenir of some type.
This time, he complied.

This little guy, a Tarsier monkey (the real one is below). Was a souvenir given to my father to bring home to us, buy some of our dear sisters overseas. I still can’t decide if I think the Tarsier (below) (who’s not a monkey at all), is cute or….NOT!
Please notice I did leave the picture below smaller than the others. I fear the eyes are a little too much for me to handle. 

I asked my father for one word to describe the Philippine brethren. “Friendly”. He replied. Other people have also mentioned to me that the Philippine people are so open and polite! I don’t doubt them. My acquaintances with Filipinos have been quite pleasurable!(:  

Children. They are so cute I couldn’t help but post them. Daddy says they’d come see him sometimes, poking each other saying “You ask him.” “No, you ask him!” For photos, or his card or anything he had on hand to give them as a reminder of his visit.

No doubt about it!The Philippines seem to be beautiful! Daddy says it is a beautiful place. (Hot! But beautiful.) The beaches are clean and blue, and the chocolate hills (below), made for a wonderful trip. The chocolate hills. (named thus because during the summer the lush green you see in the picture below turns a milky chocolaty brown.) “They’re endless!” Daddy said when showing us the photos. “They stretch on over the horizon!”

All in all daddy says it was a wonderful trip. The meetings held were a blessing. The wedding performed was pretty, the scenery beautiful and the people warm, friendly, and furthermore, he was blessed to have met another part of our extensive SDARM family.

God bless y’all! && Credits of photos to everyone who shared their photographs with my dad.

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