I don’t know how you do it. How you manage. How you manage to travel all over the world my whole life, and still be here. For me. Always.
You’re always here to tell me I’m beautiful, (that’s where I take after you, you say), to laugh at my jokes, or to make me laugh. To taste my attempts at cooking, praise my victories, swallow and give advice for my failures, always.
When I told you people say girls marry someone like their fathers, you chaffed, “Then you’ll never get married!” And it’s true, it’d be pretty hard to find someone like you, Daddy.
To me, you’re the epitome of a father, husband, man. With you I’m learning to question things, to see behind actions, to think for myself. I’m a slow learner Daddy, but I’m watching, and I’ll learn.
I remember moments Daddy, I remember you trying to make a ponytail with my hair for me to go to school while Mommy was in the hospital with Victor. I remember how you used to get me up to go to first grade every morning, we’d race. To see who could get up and ready faster. I remember you allowing me to win.
I remember.
You’ve been through a lot Daddy, and through all the things I’ve watched you going through, my admiration just grows. You’ve always been here for us Daddy, we’ll always be here for you too.
Thank you Daddy. For everything. For being mine. For being here. For being who you are. For being strong. For your support. For your trust. For your love. And most importantly, for leading me step by step to be able to serve my Heavenly Daddy better.
Happy Father’s Day Daddy!

One thought on “Daddy.

  1. lazara June 21, 2011 / 4:45 am

    Eli said:

    My dear daughter Larissa,

    Thank you very much for these words, you know I love your writings, I believe God gave you
    the gift of writing, but this message is special, “you wrote it for me”, it is beautiful, I saved a copy in my computer and I will cherish it for ever in my heart.

    You, Mom and Victor are really special, you three are God's gift for me.

    I thank you three for being so understanding about my absences during my traveling and for making the moments we are together so special.

    With love, much love, God bless, your Daddy.


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