I had to google it. I still do. I mean, how do you pronounce K-e-r-e-m-e-o-s?
We went over there last week to visit one of our brothers who lives there, because of his arthritis. (After all, according to Wikipedia, Keremeos’ motto is: Healthy Living,, Naturally.) It’s a lovely place, the weather was extraordinary last week. Cool, windy (reminded me so much of the open plains in Texas), but there it’s actually quite the opposite. It’s the valley.
One of the smallest town I’ve ever been to (I immediately fell in l.o.v.e! hopelessly in love (for I feed a terrible soft spot for small towns) it has a population of a grand total of 1,289!
Surrounded by nature, mountains, farms and kilometers of green..the Village of Keremeos is adorable.
 On our way there and back, we were delighted!! to see the neighbours of the people of Keremeos…but bears aren’t the only neighbours they’re blessed with.
Unfortunately ..We didn’t get to see any badgers, rams or elk. But we did get to see the bears, deer..and a random yellow van I liked. When I stopped to photograph the sign for the deer (who happened to be in the ‘bear zone’, but as I reminded mommy, they probably have a hard time reading the signs and didn’t know their zone was way back closer to Keremeos) anyways, the deer sign was in front of a house with a paddock fencing in a herd of horses. As soon as I got out of the car..they started running towards the fence. I couldn’t help it. I had to go over and say hello. Aren’t they adorkable?!

We chatted for a while, and then we went on….Abbotsford’s pretty far from Keremeos..but we made it home safe and sound thank God.

And, we’re almost there!

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