M is for Masters.

 Swimming. My mother always wanted Victor and I to actually learn to swim. I wouldn’t drown, but Victor, he’d been scared to go into two feet of water. So as soon as we got more or less settled in Abbotsford, Victor began his swimming classes, and I began mine. Then I went on to Masters swim class to improve my strokes. Somewhere in between there, Project Interviews was born.
Before I began Masters, I was told Sandra was to be the swim coach and that she was great.
As soon as I began Masters I agreed. Sandra pushes, motivates, criticizes and helps you improve.
A fitness center here in town is doing a project called: My City Guy/Girl, they publish it in “The News: Abbotsford” and Sandra was featured on it. And! Yesterday, during Maters! she took time out to let me interview her! :

LFA: On “The News” your job/occupation description was described as Swim Coach. I know you coach us here at Masters, is this your main job?

Sandra: No, this is a very very part time job. I work for a RV dealership company.

LFA: What’s your job there like?

Sandra: I’m an Inventory Manager, making sure our prices are consistent etc. I also facilitate getting RV’s into the country, I’m a corporate trainer, and have two staff underneath me. I also take over the accounting for the company.

LFA: So, you said you facilitate getting RV’s into the country, where would these RV’s be coming from mainly?

Sandra: The US.

LFA: How do you describe your job? e.g. Fun/stressful/boring/exciting..

Sandra: Well, I enjoy my job. I like my coworkers, and I really like accounting, and the training. The trianing would be my favorite part.

LFA: What kind of problems do you face/deal with in your job?

Sandra: A lot of bureaucracy getting the RV’s into the country and government issues with that. And between the Economy and gas prices it’s difficult to get the freights in on time. And of course, complaints.

LFA: How did you get to so many positions? How did you get all the way up there? Did you study accounting etc.?

Sandra: Nope, I started on the bottom and worked my up to the top. I’ve been with this company for eighteen years, I’ve had seven jobs for them, and am with them ’till today.

LFA: Does your company have a motto?:

Sandra: Making our customer’s vacation realized!

LFA: Nice, do you have a personal motto?

Sandra: Always be honest. I believe in always being honest. It just makes life so less complicated. In fact, I’d rather tell a person the truth, that could potentially hurt them, than to lie to them. For several reasons, because they ask your opinion of something they have, you say you like it, and they can buy the same thing for you too. Or they can throw what you said back at you with “but I thought you said you liked it”.

LFA: So Sandra, what makes you different from everybody else? What’s something special about you?!

Sandra: That I’m straight-forward. I tell people what I think. I don’t exactly care what people think of me. A little, but not really. I’m a leader. Not a follower.

LFA: Thanks very much Sandra!

Credits to My City Guy/Girl “The News: Abbotsford” Article.

Unfortunately Masters is over for the summer, but hey! there’s always the fall to look forward to!
Sandra, thanks so much for the interview. Thanks for making the time, thanks for your help with my strokes. When I pass AWSI & WSI, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without your help.

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