Mommism + Don’t Forget Lists.

Earlier this morning, Dad was leaving to Maple Ridge and I told Mommy to go with him.
“Go! I’m fine I have no school to do, I can watch Victor and make lunch.”
The rice was on the stove and my lasagna ready to go into the oven. After a few more “Go”s from me and “Come”s from Dad, she decided to leave us. at. home. alone.
You might be thinking, “Wow, they’ve never been left alone before?”
Oh yeah, we have, but it’s quite routine like, every time she leaves us on our own, it’s like the first time I left for kindergarten. (I went to public school for Kinder, so yes, she did make a fuss.)
“Don’t open the door to anybody.”
“Mom, I know! It’s ok, Go!”
“Don’t forget to mix the rice a few times, you’ll probably need to add water too.”
“I’ve been cooking rice since I was ten! Mom, I know how to take care of it!”
*groans* “The floor is getting sticky, who dropped juice on it?”
“I’ll clean it later, go Dad’s going to be late.”
“Don’t forget to tell your brother to get off the computer.”
“Oh, I won’t!”
“And if you guys get hungry, don’t wait for us we’ll be a while.”
“I know mom.”
“And if you need anything, just call the cell.”
“I will mom, Maple Ridge’s just two hours away, we’ll be fine!”
*shuts door* *locks door*
I sigh.
Five seconds later she taps on the kitchen window and mouths, “You should mix the rice now!”
Good heavens.
This is probably one of the major reasons I have to find a college to go to nearby. I mean, if I were to go to University in, let’s say the US, or even a day away, I might need to start the “Don’t forget..” list now, or else everyone will be graduating and I still won’t have been able to get past the door!

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