Janice’s Baby Shower

For some odd reason, as soon as my school year is over, I become sluggish. Which, of course, is just a better sounding synonym for, plain, old, lazy! So this week, I shall be blogging my overdue posts, that I have procrastinated for so very long. Beginning with:
“You’re coming, right?” she asked on Sabbath afternoon. I had no idea what they had been talking about at the lunch table, but Jenny was inviting us to her daughter’s baby shower the next Friday afternoon.
Jenny is like that you see. She’s friends with everyone and everybody. If she’s having a party, every one’s invited. And we, were demanded to go to Janice’s baby shower.
Jaden will be a wonderful addition to a beautiful family full of love, laughter, and friendly members I’m sure.
Jenny, thanks for inviting us and being so friendly! Now, the photos…

Janice and Patrick, you two will make wonderful parents! God bless you both on the upcoming journey of parenthood! May he guide your steps as you guide your little one as she grows up for His honor and glory!

Thanks again Jenny!

2 thoughts on “Janice’s Baby Shower

  1. Larissa July 15, 2011 / 12:53 am

    Aww Thanks Joice! It was indoors and I admit I had a really really hard time with the lighting..but at least a few I was content with (:


  2. Joice July 14, 2011 / 8:35 pm

    you did great!!! nice pics


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