.Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down

I don’t think, in my lifetime, I’ve been busier. And, I’m, loving, it!!
So what’s been going on in Abby. Well, I had one week off school, during which we went to Centennial Library for a kid’s magic show, sorry, but I wasn’t able to get any pictures. I had time to check out a book, by Lauraine Snelling, hey girls, if you’re into Janette Oke, Snelling’s Dakota series are pretty good too. But then this week I’ve begun school again. Why? Because, we’re going to Romania!! Oh yeah, I’m excited about traveling to Europe one more time. That’s another thing adding to my busy-ness. Packing. Trust me, it’s going to take more than a month for me to figure out what to pack to wear for two weeks. Dad’s already going up the wall because I teased him and said I needed three outfits per day. Maybe I shouldn’t tease, he almost broke into tears of despair. Speaking of Daddy, he’s traveling now, Dominican Republic, from there on to Northern Brazil. I miss him. He’s been gone to long… |:
 Wow, this was supposed to be a Thumbs Up Thumbs Down post, and here I am rambling. So, let’s get to the Thumby part of this post huh?! (Thumby? Here I go again, non-dictionaried words, sorry spell check.)

Thumbs Down:

  • Not having my camera always handy. Like at the magic show. And for the glorious shows the sky, clouds and sun put on here in Abby. This week a beautiful rainbow appeared, and when I went to get the camera:
  • Low Batteries. Yup. The battery was gone, so by the time I changed it, the rainbow was shyly disappearing…
  • Coughs. In the middle of July, and for some odd reason my body decided to contract a cough. Ugh.
  • Canceled courses. My NLS was cancelled this week. Bua!! I was so looking forward to it!
  • Heart Attacks, Uncle Dito passed away this week (my mother’s Uncle) of a heart attack. Unfortunately, Victor and I hadn’t had the chance of getting to know him very well. Yet, God always knows what’s best, and he had been sick for some time. We will all miss him…R.I.P.

Thumbs Up:

  • Rainbows, and magic shows, beautiful sky displays, and all things unphotographed yet experienced. Through nature, God says I love you, I remember you. Do you remember me?
  • God. I don’t know, this week I’ve had this feeling of thanksgiving. For everything. For life, for Jesus, for health (I just have a cold), for love, for peace, for freedom, for choices, for:
  • Hope. I don’t know where I’d be if we had no hope. No way of looking forward. Yet we always have, we may always have, “…that blessed hope..”
  • A fresh new year of school. A chance to be better, do better, better grades, higher GPA’s, a fresh start! A chance to learn!
  • Indoor plumbing and showers. Um, yeah!!! They’re so vital in my life! Reading books set in the 19th century kind of makes me appreciate hot showers that much more!!
  • Attentive people. People who are interested in helping you. Who smile, truly smile, who ask your name, who help you, who laugh with you, who motivate you. Family, friends, complete strangers. Smile, you can be doing another person the greatest favor, giving the greatest gift possible! Be attentive. Show interest in other people..! and others will begin showing interest in you!

Once again, the good outweigh the bad (;

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