Letters from ’87.

If you’ve read Our Story, you know more or less my parent’s love story. Mother has been begged to retell that story time and time again to me as a child, and by now, I’ve gotten the facts memorized. There was however, one more thing I wanted. I wanted to see the letters they wrote to each other over the years. But with so many years having passed and in those years so many moves, the letters were misplaced, lost and forgotten. This year, however, Daddy went to Brazil again, and found, in Uncle Daniel’s attic, a folder full of letters. Letters addressed to him. Or to Mommy. Dating back to January of 1987  (Oh yeah they’re that old! *gasps*) They wrote back and forth, Daddy’s address changing with his location on the road as a colporteur, Mommy being teased by the mailman every week as he was attacked by Mommy and her sister in hopes of receiving a letter from their special someones. Occasionally, mommy’s address changed, as she too went on the road and colpourted. Anyways, for about four years letters traveled back and forth Sao Paulo, to and fro. They continued meeting and the steady stream of letters continued flowing…

Apparently, this is what I looked like as a baby. No, this isn’t me, but that’s what I looked like (even though I refuse to believe I was this chubby!!) (Random photo of a cutout from a diaper package of when I was a kid, they thought it looked like me…cut it out, and kept it. It was in the same folder as their letters so I took the photo and posted it because I’m weird like that.)

Daddy’s neat writing…

Mommy’s rounded letters…

Just for the year 1988 I counted 72 letters, that’s more than one letter per week….and no, I haven’t read them all yet. But yes! I have mercilessly teased them…They were so cute it’s almost sickening!!!

Anyways, in March of 1990, they said their marriage vows and the steady stream of letters continued as a steady stream of love.

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