Banilejo Mango.

Another travel post:
Next, Daddy flew down to the Dominican Republic where, again, blessed meetings were held.
Once more, Father came back speaking with great admiration of the youth of our church. He came back with encouraging reports of young people intent on fulfilling God’s will for them in their lives. Appeals were made, advice given, and experiences shared and related. In his own words. “A experience full of blessings and encouragement.”
Dominican Republic, is beautiful. Of course, I’ve never been there but that’s what Daddy told me. One of the things enhancing its beauty, is Daddy’s favorite fruit. Mango. Personally, I believe anywhere on planet earth with mangoes is heaven on earth for him. What mango is this? Banilejo Mango.

Platform of Brethren holding the meetings.


Daddy with some of the brethren that had attended the Youth Convention, including Bro. Eduardo Lainez, Secretary of the Central America Dept. for the GC (on Dad’s left, your right), and Pastor Daniel Guzman of the Dominican Republic(on the right corner, in the blue shirt).

Don’t those mangoes look yummy!! According to a small article on the Banilejo mango it “is the best-known mango variety [of mango] in the Dominican Republic. It’s sweetness and distinctive taste makes it the champion of Dominican mangoes and has turned Bani into the mango capital of this Caribbean nation. It has always been a local favorite, but it has now found its way into major international markets in Europe and the United States.”

Apparently, even the Queen of England herself commented on how extraordinary it is! Great, now I’m really craving a plump, sweet, juicy, yellow mango…!!

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