Critter Show.

When summer began mother picked up a flyer from the library that had the schedules for the activities being held at the public libraries in Abbotsford this summer. On that list was, Mike’s Critter Show. Mike‘s Critters is basically Mike, going around with a bunch of animals to show and tell kids about the animals. Quite an impressive number of children showed up at the Clearbrook library to check out the collection of reptiles Mike brought. We saw corn snakes, and turtles, and tree frogs, and geckos, and got to pet them too! Well, Victor did anyway. And, Mike chose special “helpers” from the audience to hold, a tarantula! Victor was pretty excited about it all, he got chosen and when I asked him about it he said it “tickled me through my shirt. It was kinda freaky.”

The corn snake, I do apologize for the quality of the photos, I haven’t mastered cell phone shots yet.
This critter was outside passing out more flyers and waving good-bye.

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