This whole weeks was a Friday of sorts. If you ask any Reformer what Friday’s are for or what they’re like, he will probably tell you that ‘ It’s a day of preparation, when we get everything ready for the Sabbath. Food, clothes etc. Anything that can be done, to avoid work on the Sabbath is done on Friday. Hence, Friday’s are busy, full, noisy, full of a bustling activities.’
That’s what I mean when I say this week was a Friday. What were we preparing for? Well, if you ask any Reformer, he’ll probably tell you that at the end of this month through to September, the General Conference Session is being held. Where? All the way across the pond and in Romania. So, we leave next week, and this week was busy, full, noisy, full of bustling activities. Mainly packing.
I have an important announcement: Every trip we make, I pack an overstuffed suitcase (and will sometimes sneak things into my mother’s suitcase). A suitcase that if left unattended at the airport will not stand,  but will instead tip over and rock back and forth on a bulging belly. Well, this time I packed one suitcase. I’m only taking one suitcase and! it can stand up. all. on. its. own. two. wheels!!! (Oh, yes that deserved three exclamation points!)
Anyways, this week we went shopping to Victor’s dismay. But ‘watcha gonna’ do. The kid’s been outgrowing his clothes so fast we had to drag him along. His reaction:

Sitting on the carpet in Sears’ suit department this week.

So, no more posts for a while, but when I come back I’ll be posting pictures of Europe, and the meetings. To all who are going, See you soon! And to those who won’t be able to make it, I wish you were coming.
Be back soon y’all!

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