Cabana Negoiu.

“You’re going hiking.” he declared to me on Tuesday. He being Bro. Marius, who had been our outing scheduler ever since the day after our arrival in Fagars when he made sure mother, Victor and I went out to the open air museum in Sibiu (more on that as soon as Daddy arrives because I happened to clean out the camera card on his computer, smart I know, and I will be posting more photos && videos! of the GC public meetings as soon as they arrive).
When, where, with whom, and Huh? were all questions speeding through my mind but without any time for an answer. Before I knew it I was in a VW Golf heading up to the base of the Fagaras mountains. I didn’t mind. I was bored in Porumbaco a day after the crowds of people had left and the gurgle of the stream was the only sound to keep me company. And Victor, at the thought of spending a day out in the sun with his friends he perked up really quick! So, up we went with the goal of walking up to the Negoiu chalet.
The fifty minute drive was beautiful and so very green! The two hour trek up the mountain was often silent because of strainging calf muscles taking up all our concentration. Victor’s energy was running on reserve and mother’s and mine were running on emergency reserve we never knew existed. I realized I was really out of shape, which made me ponder the rest of the way when it ever was that I was in shape!?

Mommy at the base of the mountain, and trail side beauty.

Shepherd, and log stairs we had to climb on our way to the waterfall after the Cabana.

In short the view was so worth the climb. So worth it. I was absolutely entranced with it all. The silence at the top was deafening and the experience was amazing. Thank you to all who made that outing possible, God, my parents, Bro. Marius, our guides and rides, and hiking group. That was one of the best Tuesdays ever!

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