Remember how in school, your English teacher would tell you before you wrote a paper to first brainstorm and make a list of things you’d like to write about? Well, this post is going to be that brainstorming list. I have no idea on how or where to begin writing about the last two weeks, and yet, they affected the next months so much I better get started writing about them before the happenings of tomorrow and after get caught up with me. More on the topics listed here in future posts.

My hair still smells like Romania. (probably won’t write too much on that topic but it was the first thing that popped into my head.)
I wish I had had time to say good-bye to everyone. I met wonderful people and made amazing new friends.
Everyone who didn’t go, missed it. Fagaras mountains are absolutely the most gorgeous sites I have ever seen in my life. I wish you had been there. Selling shirts with the girls was really really really fun. I have a new favorite song. I met old young people like me, and felt good about not being the only one. We’re moving again. My mother has just looked up from a box set in the middle of the living room and asked me if it’s possible to start packing again, even though we haven’t even unpacked. The meetings were a blessing. I finished reading Northanger Abbey. I need to read more history books. Went to Dracula’s castle. Found out Brasov is probably the best city in the world. Found out that Romanian children are about the sweetest things ever. Fell in love with the stars again. For the first time, made out the shape of the Big Dipper and Orion in the sky. Porumbaco. Learnt to count up to twenty in Romanian. (Nineteen to be more precise since I can never seem to remember twenty.) Daddy was elected Secretary of the GC. We’re moving to Roanoke in a couple of months. My NLS isn’t valid in the States. (I think I’m very depressed about that one.)
Anyways, today was unpacking day, laundry day, and getting used to Pacific time again day. Needless to say, we’re all feeling a bit:

I know this looks more like “Grrr” but it’s really actually “BLAH!”

Anyways, I proomiiise more posts with pictures of the GC, Porumbaco, the Mountains, Dracula’s Castle and Brasov later on this month. I just wanted to begin September with a blog post.
Hope y’all come back and check for more in the future.
But now I sign off,
Still suffering from a jet lag hangover.

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