.Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down

After just three posts on Romania and I’m already taking a break from that subject to write a thumbs up or down post! Don’t worry, more posts on RO soon! I usually write these posts when I need to count my blessings, meaning my thumbs down list is pretty long. Usually what ends up happening is I forget my negative list items as I begin listing them and end up having to cut short my positive list as soon as it begins. God’s awesome like that. So, without further-a-do..

Thumbs Down:

  • Time Zones. It kinda stinks to be waking up while dad’s going to sleep, or when my grandparents are already at church. And as if jet lags aren’t hard enough to get over, add in ten hours time difference it gets really fun.
  • Post-conference depression. Oh trust me, it’s real. To get back to your normal routine, wake up, eat, study, eat, study,miscellaneous, gym, pool, eat, sleep and restart, after a routine of, meet awesome people, spend time with awesome people, not have to clean or cook, sleep, read, visit places, hike up to beautiful places, photograph everything, eat and sleep in late, it’s not that easy!
  • Lost things in washing machines. OK. I am convinced! and no one can convince me otherwise that there is a washing machine monster who picks out random pieces of your laundry and gobbles them up! He’s horrid, and mean, and selfish, and doesn’t care if the random piece of laundry is new, actually he prefers new material, and he probably looks like a humongous dust bunny!
  • ALA not accepting Canadian NLS certifications. Seriously, can the methods be that different?

Thumbs Up:

  • A silver lining to every cloud. For everything listed on the list above there is an equal and opposite reaction. Time Zones, at least there’s a little gap between us waking up and father going to bed where we can still communicate. If you’re having post-conference depression it means you attended the conference in the first place. And if the humongous washing machine dust bunny ate something of yours, it means you have a way to wash your clothes, and clothes to wash! And even though they don’t accept your course certificate, it wasn’t a complete waste because you learnt something :).
  • People who encourage me to pray, friends who encourage me to smile, and those to whom I can encourage, smile, and pray for. Thumbs up to fellow human beings.
  • Online music sheets! Free online music sheets 🙂 That are printable! It makes me really happy when I can download and print music sheets to play and add to my piano repertoire.
  • Romanian hospitality, for making me want to go back there again someday.
  • Daddy’s new job. As secretary for the GC he won’t be traveling so much and even though we’re moving again, we’ll be at least going to church every Sabbath! Abbotsford was a great phase that I’ll never regret, nor forget.

Surprise! Surprise! Good outweigh the bad.

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