Back to Negoiu.

We’re back! Ok, where was I? Oh yes, had just left off at the base of Negoiu after our Tuesday hiking trip. Well, it’s Thursday and we went back up. Or rather, I went back up. Victor was absolutely disillusioned with hiking (or maybe it had something to do with Andrew and Jared having already left and therefore wouldn’t be hiking, therefore producing no interest in another day of walking for him), and mother, had blisters on her feet. *cringes* But I was most definitely going up there while I still had the chance, according to my walking-on-flat-ground legs I was not even sore…

Hi-Ho Hi-Ho Back up to Negoiu we go!

This is Grace. She is Korean and went with her parents to Romania for the conference. (About this time on the trail, my walking-on-steeper-ground legs started screaming at me and apprehending my choice of spending the day.) Anyways, by the side of the trail grew luscious raspberry bushes with ripe berries free for the taking. Just careful to not step off the cliff (berry bushes are such evil things. more on that later.) So, we scrambled into the bushes’ awaiting branches to munch on the berries. But Grace didn’t. Why? She’d never seen raspberries before! So we picked a few and made her try them. She took pictures, because obviously it’s cool to try new foods. *makes mental note*

We took a detour! We went to the waterfall for lunch, and a siesta.  We had time to scurry on the rocks, wade in the mountain icy water, and eat. That day, I think, was the day I ate the most in Romania. Everything was absolutely delish!

Like I said, wading in the water. Oh but it was nice! And beautiful!!

Our little group, Grace (Jaikyung Hyun), Mihaela Raileanu our guide, Sister Hyun (Grace’s mom)

Radu, Silvio our second guide, and Irina!

When we got to the Cabana, we visited the donkeys. And this little guy, (of course I named him Eeyore! Sorry couldn’t help it.) followed us around, until we got to the opening of the trail to the other waterfall.

Lastly, a few pictures of the mountain view.

And, a Porumbaco sunset. Peaceful….

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