Pack rats.

This morning I awoke with a terrible urge to subtract material belongings from our house. Those mornings have got to be taken advantage of because I don’t feel that way to often. For you to fully appreciate how amazing and extraordinary this feeling is, I feel I must explain that our family is somewhat of a pack rat family. We keep just about everything! After hundreds of moves we still have belongings from years and years and moves and moves and town and town and countries and countries (you get the idea yet?) ago. We can’t take this out because our aunt’s cousin’s sister’s uncle’ friend’s distant relation gave it to us, and we will someday, in the future, desperately need this other thing! And we’re absolutely sure that as soon as we throw that away, there will be a deficiency for it in the world or we will desperately need it. This morning I did., have the feeling of “let’s get rid of everything” that is. So mommy and Victor were dragged into a subtracting frenzy. Boxes were moved from their comfortable situations and their contents’ hearts quivered every time my shadow passed over them. We listened to variations of CD’s and, wait for it! old cassette tapes! my mom still has and cherishes. We then finished up watching a Andre Riu DVD while packing up the boxes again. In the end, I’m quite satisfied with our little subtracting results. Less things to transfer to Virginia, more room for new additions! While we were unpacking a few boxes, Victor, the daaarling made us a smoothie with the blackberries we picked on Sunday. I’d say today was a good day 🙂
Xpecially (when you forget how to spell a word instead of looking it up or using the ever present spell check you must come up with another obviously wrong way to spell it,) because we left all the windows open, and the fresh, warm Indian summer air is amazing!

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