Friday Ponderings.

The moon here in Abbotsford has been making some wonderful appearances lately, which brought to my memory moon phases from a few science classes ago. And as often happens one thought leads to another and soon I’m back tracking thoughts to see how I ended up on this particular one. This being, stars. I think I’ve already mentioned that in Porumbaco, the night sky was like a planetarium. Far away from city lights I looked up and for the first time made out the shape of Orion, and the big dipper, (or was it the little dipper? I don’t know the difference) and looking up at the stars, I kind of wondered at the fact that you can only see the stars when you’re looking for them and far away from brighter, more assuming lights. You see, stars are like some people. Stars look cute and quiet and fit so nicely into nursery songs describing their twinkling, when in reality these stars are far superior to any light humans can imagine. Their shine and the heat they produce is incomparable. Some people are like that. So quiet and unobtrusive that when we’re surrounded by more assuming lights, we fail to recognize these people’s existence. But their shine when brought out can be unimaginable and their potential incomparable. Most people love looking at stars set on the outstretched black blanket of the night sky, but maybe few of us have been looking for the people in our lives that are quiet and unobrtusive, that shine on even when we’re not looking. And if you’re a star out there in the outstretched black blanket of life, keep on shining, Someone’s watching.
Happy Friday, y’all!
Lily pad.
P.S. I just liked this lily photo, totally post unrelated, but it’s Friday so cut me some slack!

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