Balea Lac.

I don’t even know where to begin a post on this trip, so I shall begin at the beginning, because, of course, “it’s a very good place to start”. On the day we went to Bran and the castle and forts, it was also on the schedule to go up to a different mountain and spend the day there close to the lake. Unfortunately though, between forts and castles we ran out of time. So, the next day a group of ten packed ourselves into a funny little van and headed up to Balea Lac. A gorgeous place with a hotel and a few cabins, and of course, souvenir stands, and a lake. This emerald green lake, freezes up during the winter, and I was told, they build an ice hotel on it every winter. HA! Now wouldn’t that be an awesome place to go to for winter break! Anyways, after you reach the lake, there’s a steep trail leading up to another lake and, I cannot explain how beautiful! the view is from up there. I scrambled up and was rather proud of myself for making it, in might I add, a skirt. Mother, Victor, Sis. Silva, and Sis. Merlos , stayed shopping, and enjoying the view at the beginning of the trail, and the rest of us climbed up to the top.

This child. is adorable.

All smiles as we stopped on our way up to take pictures .

This, was the way up. Whoot, if you get car sick, ai…fortunately nobody did, and we just ooh-ed and ahh-ed over the views…

So you can ooh and aah too, although, pictures aren’t the same thing…

Cute ain’t it?

These little mountain flowers beside a small waterfall were so pretty!

These guys were awesome! From left to right, Our Guide, who patiently (with a teasing grin of course) climbed up the mountain with us, at our snail like pace. His son Raul, who dove into the cold mountain lake. Johnson Sureshkumar who made us all go around the lake for the spectacular view. And the “One Moments”, Hispanic brothers that Johnson and I dubbed the “One Moments” for their incessant need to stop every five steps either to take a breather or to take photos and film.

As we  walked back down we caught a glimpse of a flock of sheep on the mountainside.

Then we followed the sun back down to the valley.

I know that was alot of pictures, but I wanted to post so many more. It was a gorgeous experience and a perfect ending to our Romanian trip.

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