The day after Balea Lac, we left Porumbaco in the early morning and headed to Bucov, more specifically to Ploiesti. We stayed there to await our flight which happened to be leaving at dawn from Bucharest. As Ploiesti is closer to Bucharest than Porumbaco by many maany miles, we stayed there to make things..less hectic.
At the house we were staying for the day, there was a beautiful garden with flowers and grape vines. We spent the day mostly catching up with the outside world, (we had had no Internet for two weeks!) and simply lounging around waiting for three o’clock to come about. We went to sleep early and I, unfortunately,
didn’t take many pictures.

Grape clusters.


Eventually, 3a.m. arrived and so did we (at the Bucharest airport). That morning we boarded a plane to Paris, and believe it or not I had no time to stop for anything there! We were late as it was and missing a flight was not on our itinerary. As we looked out our windows from inside the plane we caught glimpses of the Eiffel tower and France, but that was about it for keepsakes, glimpses and fractions of memories.

No time for souvenirs, no time for trying new French gourmandises. Au contraire, we hippity hopped from one gate to the next, and off we were to Seattle.
I couldn’t help stopping to at least take on photo on French soil.. ..figuratively speaking. 

From Seattle, we got back into our little Volvo and drove back home. I drove back home too..According to the Seattle airport security I was allowed “as long as you abide by all traffic laws and your permit limitations”…so I was about the only one on that side of the border driving along with a bright red plate with a big fat “L” stuck on the back of the car.
Well, that’s it folks, my next post will probably be on the public meetings, and a few videos of the time we spent there…but, that’s it for adventures in Romania. That was our summer summarized in a few short posts. I hope you enjoyed it, I know we thoroughly did.

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