Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down.

Yeah it’s about that time again. Time for a thumby post! So, for a change, I won’t blabber and just get down to the actual thumbiness:

  • Stoichiometry. I feel I somehow don’t need to further explain this. Those of you who have had it, know why it’s under the thumbs down.
  • Dust. No idea where the stuff comes from, all I know is no matter how much I dust, vacuum, or how much it rains in Abbotsford, it still.exists.
  • Allergies. Daddy and I have our allergies acting up again. *sigh* 
  • Changes and moves. As y’all know, we’ll be moving again. Not so soon, but down the road, and with it will come a name change for this Blog .. .?
  • Uriah Smith. I don’t know if I’ve ever mention already that I’m reading his Daniel and the Revelation. I have been reading it for about..two years? Yes, it’s taking me a while. But it’s wonderful, and quite an eye opener.
  • Bogiversary!! Last month Live From Abby completed one year of existence! It has been through one name change, and is contemplating another, has related to you the story of one move, and is foreseeing another ‘Boxes’ post. It’s been a wonderful journey so far, can’t wait to see how it evolves further on.
  • September 30th!! What happens on September 30th? It’s HUG A VEGETARIAN DAY!         That’s right fellow veggie-tarians, we have a day where we get extra hugs, just for being so special..!
  • Canadian scholarship discounts. Or just scholarships in general, been looking through my options for University in Virginia. In some Universities, Canadians get a 25% discount! How purrty is that?! 
  • New shoes and boots. Hey! Don’t underestimate the power of shoes! Remember Cinderella’s story!

That’s about if for this Monday everyone. Hope today was a good start to your week. If not, “bet your bottom dollar on tomorrow…”

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