A Time in a Boy’s Life When…

There’s a time in every boy’s life marked by a special something. Not a special someone, not a special event, a special something. A special toy. For some boys, it is during this time that they believe their toys are, to a certain extent, real. They’re sure to include each toy in play time every day so nobody feels left out, a time when each toy has a name, an age and a past. It’s a sweet phase where worries are few and scattered, blessings are plentiful and most often come in forms of sandwiches, time with their friends and toys. Each boy, has his own toy. That special one, the one that marked that time of life, that phase, that year, that period.

This week Victor and the kids next door have been experimenting with their Bionicles and a home made parachute. As in…plastic bag parachute. It kept them pretty busy for hours at a time. Friday I asked them to pose each with their lego toy respectively. I asked them if they were having fun, but I didn’t get an answer because my question wasn’t heard amidst their shouts and ripples of laughter.

I’d say they were having fun. 

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