Life in Food.

One thing you must know about my family is that there’s something very important to us. Not just my immediate family, but most of my relatives far and near. That important something, is food.

Each (how do I word this)…family, in my family..has its own signature meal. 
My grandmother makes the best gluten ever, but it’s totally different from grandfather’s amazing gluten that happens to be Tenorio tradition. Grandma makes awesome homemade pacoquinha (a Brazilian candy made from peanuts), Grandpa makes the yummiest healthiest cornmeal soup (even Victor likes it). 
Aunt Lidiane makes her own version of fugazza, Aunt Marianna makes the most delicious carrot cake with cocoa icing ever! Uncle Ne makes the ever so awesome sloppy Joe sauce ever ever ever! 
Aunt Ivone makes amazing sauted heart of palm, Aunt Lou makes delish flans for dessert, and well, on goes the list. 
Daddy, besides the traditional Tenorio gluten, makes coconut candy, soup, veggie medleys, and Mommy, makes divine homemade bread, feijoada, corn cake, and and everything and then some more.
I make…well I experiment with things. Sometimes, foods I experiment with don’t..stick (as in nobody eats them), and sometimes, every so often, they do stick around. Namely, lasagna and cinnamon pull apart bread. So far, I’ve made the pull apart bread three times this month. I was pretty satisfied with the results, and neither batch lasted for two days. They just vanished as soon as they were out of the oven, I have a feeling they’ll be around for a while.
Obviously, I’m a great believer food having a big part in family life. To me:
“Families that eat/pray/cook together, stay together!”
You should probably get cookin’ good lookin’!
For recipes and inspiration, check out the Yumm! Recipes! link up top!

“Barbecued” soy protein and Tofu squares with onions and green bell peppers, amazing with a drizzle of lime!

The making of: Coxinha. We made these, Brazilian “dumplings” if you will, this week and had loads of fun. We had a chance to cook, talk and laugh together and it was time well spent. And the products were heavenly!!!

                                                      Hummus, humm haven’t made this in a while..

               Baked olive oil and basil eggplants, I’m not big on eggplants, but these were too too good!

 Last, but most certainly not least, a photo of a food plate made over a campfire times and times ago. I miss camping!!!

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