October News.

October is almost gone and November is coming up, and it’s bringing with him a chilly breeze and blog changes! As many of y’all know, we’ll be moving from Abby sometime in the future. So, I thought it’d be a good idea to give Live From Abby a makeover before then. I have changed the name once more, and hopefully for the last time. This name is now not dependent of location. So wherever we are, live, move to, the title will forever be a fact.
For those of you wondering where I got the name from, it’s based on the title of a very cute movie from the 80’s entitled Papa was a Preacher. It’s a relatively unknown movie that I can’t find anywhere on the web, but I checked it out once from the library in Texas ages ago.
I hope y’all like the changes, they will take some getting used to and I will continue to be tweaking something here and there throughout the week until I’m completely satisfied. Any suggestions?

P.S. The web address has now changed to papaisapreacher.blogspot.com! Unfortunately blogger doesn’t forward addresses, so if you type in the old address it will not send you here to the blog, instead it will say the blog doesn’t exist. I’m sorry about that, and if there were any way I’d fix that. So for now keep in mind, Live From Abby no longer exists, it’s Papa is a Preacher (: 
Thank you!

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