Victor’s constantly coming up with something to amuse himself. Usually it’s some sort of toy he needs, or a new profession he’s into and must practice (last week he was debating if he should become a chef), or most recently, a new hobby. He will now collect stamps. Last week I was writing letters and had my stationary out, and he’s been hovering over and around it since then, wanting to snatch my old letter envelopes, or more accurately, my old stamps. Any envelope that’s in reach and has a used stamp on it, is his. We’ve googled how to separate the stamp from the envelope, stamp collecting for kids, and now our drawers are filled with old envelopes with little squares where the stamps used to be.

That’s the extent of his collection so far.
And I thought I’d end this post with a comic strip of one of my favorite comic strip characters of all time, Sally Brown.
Anyways, happy Wednesday y’all.

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