If you have me on Facebook you might have seen, several months ago, I posted a note explaining Daddy’s project of a  daily devotional for young people. While in Romania I had the opportunity to gather a few experiences from several of our delegate brethren. I won’t post all the stories or devotionals, but I’ll post a few every week or so. Here’s one dictated by Les Bauer from White Creek Wellness Center.

It happened soon after I accepted Christ as my Saviour in 1975, soon after the birth of our first child, that my wife, Kathy and I, decided to visit some friends in Minnesota. While planning the trip, we decided that we’d first stop by Wisconsin to visit my family, and from there we’d head on up to Minnesota. The town in which my parents lived was the same town I had grown up in. I spent twenty-three years there before I moved away, and while I was back there I remembered a friend of mine that I wanted to visit.
 This friend had had a very rough life growing up; his father was involved in the Mafia, and would arrive home at night drunk and would attack his family. Gary hadn’t had it easy. After my father died when I was twelve years old, I became really good friends with this boy. However, after we grew up we sort of lost contact, and now, being back in town I decided to visit him so we could catch up.
 I knew where to ask concerning Gary’s whereabouts because Gary spent more time in jail as a young man than he spent in school. He was a very large, strong boy, and would often get into fights and trouble of the kind. I went to the police station and asked if they could give me any information on where Gary was. They informed me he was in a certain town a few miles away, and that he now owned a body building shop. The town was conveniently located on our way to our friend’s house in Minnesota. So we decided that, on Friday on our way to Minnesota, we’d drop in and visit Gary. Friday came, we took off, and eventually arrived at the town Gary lived. I immediately felt like I should stop and go see him, but I talked my self out it. Instead I promised I’d visit him on our way back. So we passed through and continued on our way to visit our friends. During our stay there, Tabitha our baby daughter, became very ill. She had a high fever resulting in us being up all night taking care of her. By the time the weekend was up, Kathy and I were exhausted. On our way home on Sunday, we again passed by Gary’s town, and again I was prompted to stop by and see him. But I was tired. I wanted to go home. So I did. We arrived home and early the next morning I got a phone call from the police who told me my friend Gary had committed suicide that past night.
The lesson I have learned, is that when you are prompted by the Holy Spirit, obey. Make sure you are devoted to Him, and then when you are prompted to do something do it. Don’t double guess, don’t wait. Do what God directs you to do. That way you can avoid the sad events of my life. On judgment day I will have to face my lack of decision. If I had stopped, if I had listened, if I had obeyed, I may have been able to have saved Gary’s life.

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