It’s November! I love November, and it has nothing to do with the fact that I was born in November because quite frankly, I’d be quite happy if November could just skip that day and make me wait another year to be a year older. No really, I wouldn’t mind a bit. But I love November because in my mind November is associated with everything nice, sugar and spice, sweetness and tea, warm scarfs and fleece blankets. It’s officially fall for me and I can’t help but love the smells of dry leaves, cinnamon and rain. (Not that Abbotsford makes me wait ’till fall for rain but … I’m not complaining. too much anyway.)
Yesterday I found out that November is National Blog Posting Month, national probably means the US but because Abbotsford is so close to the border I decided to sign myself up for 30 days of blogging. That means, one blog post for every day of November. I’m starting out, I hope I’ll make it and hope more importantly y’all will keep reading. This post kicks off the NaBloPoMo series on Papa is a Preacher.

I know it hasn’t even been a week yet and here I am blogging about Victor’s Traxxas car again. But he’s been having so much fun with it lately that it’s what’s on his mind at the moment. That and swimming. I’m so grateful for Abbotsford’s resolution to each year award 5th graders with a free year pass for the recreation center! They get to use the ice rinks, tennis courts, basketball courts, and pool for free for a year. The boys next door and Victor have been going quite often. He comes home from swim class and then back to the pool in the evening for play time with his friends. It’s been great, and I’m loving his being up and active instead of plopped on the couch all day. 

        As I’ve said, November to me means fall colors, chilly breezes and warmth. What does the month of November mean to you? 

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