Paper Boats a Tutorial.

You know those maps that you have at home, filling up boxes in the garage or the attic, or maybe they’re scattered around the house amidst your books and magazines? Well it’s time. Time to do something with them. If you’re not going to throw them away because one day you ‘might go there again’ and your GPS might fail and your phone not work, then at least do something nice with them! Repurpose them. In the name of reduce, reuse, recycle and being creative here’s a fun idea to use those maps up with, to work on something creative with your kids, and something else with which to fill that envelope in case you’re still stumped.

Inspired by –

(These can also be made with normal printing paper.)

What thou needst:
Sharpies work best, but if you don’t have any on hand make sure that the marker will actually write on a map surface and that it won’t smear instead of dry. (Sharpie ink dries in about 3 seconds.)

Because maps fold up so nice and neat, the crease of the folds make it easy to simply cut out a square, which is what I did. But if you want bigger boats, you have to cut bigger squares.

Now get that sharpie out and write on your boat your favorite map quote, or traveling quote, or just a favorite quote/verse/proverb/saying. etc.

“Map out your future – but do it in pencil.
The road ahead is as long as you make it.
Make it worth the trip.”
– Jon Bon Jovi
I hope the tutorial was clear. I know many of you might have already been familiar with this, but hopefully it served to remind you and give it a creative twist.

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