Skyline Drive.

 Here’s another experience dictated to me while in Romania, by Eduardo Moreno:

“My son, hear the instruction of thy father, and forsake not the law of thy mother.” -Proverbs 1:8
In the early spring of 2007, my family along with my parents-in-law, were driving on the Skyline Drive. The forest was in bloom and we enjoyed the scenic drive, stopping every once in a while to take pictures and appreciate nature. My father-in-law told me he’d like to see a bear during our trip. I told him there was a possibility to see one. But after three hours on the skyline, we had seen much wildlife, but no bears. I decided to get off the Skyline and onto another road in order to get home before too late at night. It looked like my father-in-law would not get to fulfill his wish of seeing a bear that day. As I was exiting the skyline I began to apologize, “Well, I don’t think you will get to see a–” and lo and behold! as we veered onto the other highway a bear appeared right in front of us! I screeched to a stop, took out the camera, and hopped out of the car. The bear, instead of running away to hide, simply stopped and stared at me. Eventually she sat down on the curb, and I resumed photographing her. I inched closer and closer; she kept grooming in total oblivion of me. After a while I heard another car approaching, and immediately began to back up in case the bear decided to charge in fright. The bear didn’t even seem to notice as the car came to halt and a man stepped out. He walked up to our car and asked my wife what was going on. She told him there was a bear up the road. He got out his camera and came up to me. While taking pictures he warned me, “We shouldn’t get too close to this bear. It’s a female, and, have you seen the cubs?” I answered that I hadn’t seen them, and he pointed up to a tree where the cubs were peering down. After a while, the cubs came down from the tree and one of them decided to come close to us. As soon as he did so, a loud “gruff” came from his mother and sent him quickly scrambling back up the tree. As I continued taking photos, the man beside me told me that, though this bear was used to humans because of the nearby campgrounds, female bears are very dangerous, and as with most animals, very protective of her offspring. This got me to thinking that animals may to us be cute and seem harmless, but if we’re not careful to heed the warnings given to us to not mess with them, they might hurt us, and eventually even end our lives. Which is something sin might be compared to. Sin, as is presented by the Devil, may seem harmless or maybe even cute, but if we’re not careful to heed the warnings God sends us through His word, our parents and elders, to stay awayfrom sin and to not mess with it, sin will hurt us, and eventually destroy our lives.

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