Old Fashioned Like That.

The more I think about it, the more certain I am that we’re quite a bit ol’ fashioned.
Last night before going to bed, mother handed me the cell phone and asked me to take the ringer off and put on the “buzz-buzz” instead.
Two days ago while going through boxes I came across a huge box of VHS tapes. Yes, we have VHS tapes. Lots of them. And many of them are home videos that  according to me will never, ever be released to the public. Never ever.
Also amidst my cardboard journeys I found the following.

Cassette tapes.
And, oh Internet, the worst part is that those are actually, mine!
Mom’s case of at least 15 tapes are safely stored someplace, but these, are mine!
Do I ever listen to them? Not really, but I remember going to sleep as a toddler listening to stories recorded on these tapes. I’d be so enthralled by the stories, that I’d forget about the blue-purple elephant that was hiding under my bed.
Here’s a regular part of the family. I’ve even named him {why yes I do name electrical appliances {thankyouverymuchfortheweirdlookonyourface}, and often as you walk through the kitchen door you’ll hear one of mother’s tapes being played which usually results in Victor sighing, and me rolling my eyes. Honestly the songs on those tapes…

But I think, maybe, each and every one of us has that little old-fashioned side to us. We live in a so called “modern” world, full of technology and fast changing news and circumstances. Yet there’s always a little something that we cling to from the past. A method of doing something, an object, a habit…
We’d love to hear how your family is old-fangled, ’cause we’re just old-fashioned like that.

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