The Smell of New Books.

 In my previous homeschooling post, in which I addressed homeschooling from a homeschooler’s point of view, I mentioned I haven’t always been homeschooled. It’s true. And furthermore, I haven’t always used the A Beka Academy program either. I began using A Beka in 5th grade. It was a really, really new experience for me. I was ten years old at the time and approached the concept of homeschooling with dvd’s, in a tilted-head, curious-outstretched-finger, mischievous-smile-on-face, type way. It was a journey, and I embarked it unawares.
 Victor, however, has been with A Beka since K5. He’s had all the teachers I didn’t have, all the books I didn’t have, and so every time his school materials would arrive, tilted-head, curious-outstretched-finger, mischievous-smile-on-face me would help him open the boxes and go through his books for the first time.     That’s the thing both of us have had in common, sharing the excitement of opening the boxes full of fresh, unused, brand new, shiny, and new-book-smell books. Early on we established the “I open mine, you open yours” law so that I can only get a hold of his books after he’d opened the box, and he can only get a hold of my boxes after I’d taken all the books out. It works well because I just want to see the books and stack them in order and make sure they’re all there and be all super organized while having a big smile on my face just as if I had opened a box of Christmas presents, while he just wants to cut the boxes open and take them away to his fort.
 Anyways, this morning Victor’s 5th grade textbooks arrived. This year is when he picks up where I started. He has one “teacher” that I did. (I cannot commence to explain the weirdness of knowing your brother has the same “classmates” as you did.) But on the other hand, they’ve changed many of the textbooks, many of the “teachers” and it’s got me stamping my foot and “humphing” because I’ll never get to learn those new things, and new ways.
This has gotten me feeling old.
Oh well.

 One Box
 Some of its contents.

In a couple of weeks Victor begins his new year of school. Here’s to wishing him luck, good grades, a fun school year, and to the smell of New Text Books!


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