The Day the Rain Went Away.

                                                  The Day the Rain Went Away

“…and the sun stood still in the midst of heaven and hasted not to go down about a whole day.“ Joshua 10:13

 During one of the years in which my husband was working as the youth department leader for the Sao Paulo Field, a youth convention was planned to be held in the city of Cajati. Cajati is a small town on the outskirts of Sao Paulo located in a valley called Vale do Ribeira. That year in that valley, there had been much rain, and many people in nearby cities had lost their homes due to flooding.

 During that weekend most people were headed to Sao Paulo in order to escape the pouring rain that was forecasted, and as we headed away from Sao Paulo and towards the rain and towards the youth convention that Thursday, I kept thinking to myself “What on earth are we going to do there with this weather?” We arrived at the local Bible Worker’s home and spent the night there.
 On Friday morning the sky was a dark, dark gray and the rain poured down in sheets. However as we came closer to the youth convention grounds we had to leave the highway and come onto a dirt road, as we did so the rain stopped and only rain puddles remained. That Friday night the meetings began. The next morning so many people had shown up to attend the meetings that the local church could not accommodate everyone. So it was suggested that the meetings be held outdoors so all could attend. A few people opposed the suggestion because rain was forecasted and surrounding clouds held promise of a rainy day.
 After a while my husband was able to convince them that if God did not want it to rain there, it wouldn’t rain. So chairs were lined into neat rows, and the meetings for the day began. It was a beautiful location, with mountain scenery and lots of greenery. But during that weekend the radio was predicting thunder showers and continued reporting flooding in nearby cities. We could see around us the dark clouds moving in and sheets of rain coming down just a few kilometres away. We’d sight lightning, and hear the thunder, but the meetings continued anyways, and the sky above us was sunny, and were all kept dry. We had a blessed afternoon there with the young people and on Sunday we had a very busy day full of outdoor activities for the youth and children.
 On Sunday night the conference ended and the chairs were put away. Everyone finished saying their goodbyes and as soon as we shut the doors to our car, the rain came down. We again spent the night at the Bible Worker’s house, and it rained on. We left to Sao Paulo, and it rained on. It rained incessantly for two days. We firmly believe that just as in the days of Joshua when God made the sun stand still, that day He held back the rain and made it “go away, and come again another day”.

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